Marketing mix strategies of bread producers in Kosovo

Mr.Sc. Ejup Fejza, Dr.Sc. Nail Reshidi, Dr.Sc. Ramiz Livoreka


Marketing is a fundamental or core function of the business which more than any other business function deals with customers and their satisfaction. Creation and implementation of a successful marketing strategy in business is very crucial, especially when we deal with a business such is bread manufacturing. Thus, the purpose of the research was to analyze the development of marketing as an organizational function of bread manufacturers companies in Kosovo, to analyze their marketing strategies and to provide clear recommendations for companies that do not use marketing strategies.

During the research I have find that bread producers do not even have established a marketing department and/or do not have employed a marketing or sales person. Only few companies, three out of fifteen, intend to establish marketing department in the future, which is a sign that bread producers still do not see marketing as core function in their activities. They do think more on production than on sales and marketing. None of the companies have promotional activities regularly and only two of them exhibits regularly on the trade fairs in Kosovo and only one company exhibited abroad.

There should be continuous insistence of manufacturing companies to advance marketing department, creating a special unit of market research and behavior with consumer.

The data for research were collected through questionnaire in fifteen bread manufacturing companies. Methods used for research have been descriptive, comparative, analysis, and synthesis. The research instrument was a questionnaire, the technique has been direct communication and research was conducted between months June up to September 2009.


bread producers; marketing; strategy; consumer; exhibition; promotion;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v3i1.102

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