Local Businesses and the Importance of Supporting Them

MSc. Arbenita Bllaca


This study will provide us with detailed information about the importance of supporting local businesses. The material will include several aspects: (1) the importance of supporting local businesses, (2) Case Study of Gjilan’s municipality: support of local businesses from the municipal level -Gjilan, (3) Businesses in Kosovo: The importance of supporting local businesses in Kosovo, an overview of their financial difficulties.

We will use different methods for data processing: For the presentation of results we will use graphical and tabular methods, as well as information collected by the country's official institutions that are responsible for supporting local businesses.

Through these methods we will try to provide with a comprehensive overview of the problems and barriers that local businesses are dealing at the local level, aiming to create a stronger relationship between local businesses and local level with the purpose of creating greater profits for businesses as well as the economy in general.


Local Development Agencies; The Business Difficulties; Procedures and Establishment of Businesses; Financial Problems; Business Incubators;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v5i1.11

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