Impact of Globalization in Kosovo’s Economy

  • MSc. Nexhat Shkodra
  • Dr.Sc. Myrvete Badivuku-Pantina
  • MSc. Naile Kastrati
Keywords: globalization, Kosovar economy, GDP, growth, , global financial crisis


The economy in Kosovo continues to generate macroeconomic growth and solid stability, especially in fiscal and financial terms. Despite the increasing risks from the external sector, Kosovo’s economy has marked positive growth rates in 2012 also. Nevertheless, being an open economy, it has not been spared of the effects of the crisis faced direly by some of the most developed countries, and especially those in the Eurozone, which have shrinked the growth rate in comparison to previous years, despite it being positive.

These risks mainly are reflected into the adverse impacts of the crisis on external demand for Kosovo products (along with an already low export rate), and by a lighter impact on migrant remittances, and a stronger impact on foreign direct investment. The decline in remittances has been smaller than forecasted, mainly because migration in Kosovo is of longer term in nature, and 70% of our migrants possess foreign citizenships. The banking sector has remained solid, with private sector deposits and loans continuing to increase in 2009 and 2010. There is still evidence though, that banks have become more prudent in extending loans, mainly due to the fact that bad loans are increasing at a slow pace. Adverse impacts of the global financial crisis have been compensated by an expansionist fiscal policy adopted by the Government, thereby ensuring medium growth rates.


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