Legal-Civil aspect of types of Immaterial Damage

Dr.Sc. Rrustem Qehaja


Causing of damage is accompanied with causing of responsibility for its compensation. Human being in the daily life is often threatened by various risks which along with the causing of bodily injuries in some cases may bring also causes of death.

From the legal doctrine, in Kosovo and in the region, related to nomination of material and immaterial damage, in addition there may also be found other nominations including the property damage and non-property damage or as differently called moral damage[1], but the basic distinction in this division stands at its compensation.

Subject of analysis of this work shall be focused with particular emphasis in Kosovo with some superficial comparisons to the neighbour countries.

The only formula of indemnification for the immaterial damage according to insurance coverage remains the satisfaction[2] expressed in monetary value which according to LMTPI[3] and the Directive of the Council of European Parliament underwent positive amendments in viewpoint of increase of amounts of insurance.[4]

In context of this work, only some types of immaterial damage shall be reviewed, including:

-          Damage in form of physical distress,

-          Damage in form of fear and

-          Damage in form of spiritual distress because of reduction of life activities.



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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v3i2.124

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