Calculation of Investments for the Distribution of GPON Technology in the village of Bishtazhin through database

MSc. Jusuf Qarkaxhija, Dr.Sc. Tamara Luarasi


According to daily reports, the income from internet services is getting lower each year. Landline phone services are running at a loss,  whereas mobile phone services are getting too mainstream and the only bright spot holding together cable operators (ISP)  in positive balance is the income from broadband services (Fast internet, IPTV).

Broadband technology is a term that defines multiple methods of information distribution through internet at great speed. Some of the broadband technologies are: optic fiber, coaxial cable, DSL, Wireless, mobile broadband, and satellite connection.  The ultimate goal of any broadband service provider is being able to provide voice, data and the video through a single network, called triple play service.

The Internet distribution remains an important issue in Kosovo and particularly in rural zones.

Considering the immense development of the technologies and different alternatives that we can face, the goal of this paper is to emphasize the necessity of a forecasting of such investment and to give an experience in this aspect. Because of the fact that in this investment are involved many factors related to population, geographical factors, several technologies and the fact that these factors are in continuously change, the best way is, to store all the data in a database and to use this database for different results. This database helps us to substitute the previous manual calculations with an automatic procedure of calculations.

This way of work will improve the work style, having now all the tools to take the right decision about an Internet investment considering all the aspects of this investment. 



broadband technology; triple play; database; return of investment; accounting;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v3i2.135

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