Legal order and the principles of law: Case of the Republic of Slovenia

  • Dr.Sc. Bojan Tičar


In this article author defines law a system of rules and principles that regulate, within the boundaries of legal regularity, the vitally important external conduct and behavior of the subjects in a state-organized society. In this context he upgrades rethinking of law with definition of legal order. A legal system or legal order author see as an integrated whole of the hierarchically regulated principles of law, rules, and general legal acts which apply in a certain country, are published, and enter into effect from a certain date following adoption.

In central part of the article author explains the case of legal regulation in Slovenia. He describes which legal acts are adopted in Slovenia and how is it done in the context of EU regulation.

Author concludes the article with an idea that legal theoreticians have still not agreed on a uniform definition of the essence of law. Author thinks that law can be understood instrumentally. Instrumental law is a tool prescribed in advance which is composed of rules that are suitable for preventing and resolving conflicts between subjects in society.


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