Credit policy and its impact in the work of Kosovo businesses

MSc. Lemane Haziri, Dr.Sc. Myrvete Badivuku-Pantina


Credit policy in Kosovo is a result and a reflection of the general development of macroeconomic policy. In the post-war Kosovo economic trends were negative. Therefore, in order to come to recovery and promotion of economic development, Kosovo needs investments. Surely credits represent one of financial resources through which material factors are provided for opening of new jobs that will be expressed in the decreasing of unemployment and increasing of the national production. Kosovo, as a part of Euro area, cannot make monetary policy, but it may make credit policy. Currently, out of the banking system of Kosovo is over 1.4 million Euros of financial means, and for this sum the credit potential is reduced, as a very important factor for business and the economy of Kosovo in general. Credits in Kosovo are characterized by high interest rates and short time of their return, so the purpose of this paper is to show how much the credits have been in the function of the development of businesses in Kosovo.


credit policy; the banking system; interest rates; economic development;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v1i2.190

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