Why hasn’t Macedonia succeeded for a long time in absorbing Foreign Direct Investment

Dr.Sc. Nasir Selimi


Recently almost all countries of the world without exception developed countries or the developing countries are attracting foreign direct investments. The reason is that there is no dilemma that benefits of foreign direct investments in the host countries as well as domestic countries are greater than the damage that can have.

Western Balkan countries also follow this trend for attracting foreign direct investment. Some of them have achieved notable successes, while the others have achieved less success.  Macedonia is a country that during the last two decades ranks among the countries with smaller foreign direct investments.

In the paper which I have chosen to analyze, in the start I gave a general overview of the meaning, role and importance of foreign direct investments for economic development of a country.  Later I have analyzed the trend of foreign direct investments in the region, and especially in Macedonia. At the end sought and given reasons of locking foreign direct investment in Macedonia and recommendations to overcome such a situation.


foreign direct investments; portfolio investments; green field; acquisition; merger


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v5i1.2

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