The Role of Direct Marketing in Relation with the Consumers in Kosovo

MSc. Halit Karaxha, MSc. Sejd Tolaj, Dr.Sc. Arjan Abazi


Direct marketing is very important in creating good relations with clients for the presentation of new products/services, and to also achieve sales in the meantime. Direct marketing uses different techniques, such as e-mails, telephones, fairs, festivals and other techniques in order to directly communicate with clients by being very flexible, and it also allows immediate feedback. This paper consists of two parts: the first part is related to the review of literature regarding direct marketing, and the second part is related to the research conducted through surveys in companies, by interviewing the director, general manager, marketing manager and managers of other departments within the company who have knowledge about the marketing in the company. The study regarding direct marketing and its role in relation with consumers is an interesting field to study, but at the same time it is also a challenge, because knowing more about one technique or another is a field on its own and requires the analysis of particular specifics of each technique in order for the direct marketing to have a positive impact in creating good relations with the clients on the basis of fulfilling their needs and requests.


Direct Marketing; Client; Fairs;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v6i1.223

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