Kosovo farmers demand for agricultural loans

Dr.Sc. Jehona Shkodra


Funding is essential issue for the development of a business, but how the funding will be covered is the issue selected by the financial situation of entrepreneurs. One of the forms of financing is also agricultural loan, but, how is the demand of farmers for these loans and what size of farms request more loans are questions which we will explain in this paper realized by interviews of 250 farmers in five regions of Kosovo (Pristina, Gjilani, Mitrovica, Peja and Prizren) during period of March - September 2013. Data will be processed in SPSS 16.0 program through the production function Cobb - Douglas, regression method - Ordinary Least Square.


Request; agricultural credits; farms; Kosovo;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v6i1.237

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