The Influence of Advertisements in Increasing the Sales in Kosovo

MSc. Halit Karaxha, Dr.Sc. Berim Ramosaj, Dr.Sc. Arian Abazi


The advertisement is a form of marketing communication which is used to encourage, convince or manipulate an audience (the viewers, listeners or readers, sometimes a special group) to take or to continue taking some actions. Advertisements have an important role in increasing sales. Successful ads that result with the growth of sales require competent personnel including a number of specialists; therefore it is very necessary to choose the personnel carefully, to ensure firms a stable position in the market. Advertisement costs are quite large, but they have to be in accordance with the growth of sales. From the collected and analyzed data, we can conclude that kosovar businesses pay great attention to advertisements and share their budget for them. In this paper, the importance of advertisements in sales growth is explained, as well as how many ads do they do, how much budget do they share for this, for which kinds of media do they share more budget and what obstacles they encounter during the advertising. The paper consists of two parts: the part of literature review that is connected to the topic and the research part. Primary data was used for the realization of the paper, which was obtained through questionnaires by direct contact with the general managers, marketing managers, directors and owners with a wide knowledge about advertisements in enterprises. For the realization of this paper, quantitative methods were used. 



advertisements; sales; budget; impact;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v6i2.254

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