Management of relationship between customer satisfaction and services in hotel industry in Prishtina

Dr.Sc. Shpresa Reshidi, MSc. Adelina Zeqiri, MSc. Saranda Kajtazi


Nowadays, when companies more and more are oriented towards the customer, it is important to make a research on customer satisfaction. This paper will describe the management of relationship between customer satisfaction and services in hotel industry in Pristina.

In the first part of the paper, review of the literature of different authors, from books and scientific publications. From the literature we achieved to understand customer relationship management, customer satisfaction and relationship between services and customer satisfaction. The literature review helped us to successfully carry out research for understanding the relationship between customer satisfaction and services in hotel industry.

The second part of the paper includes research conducted by collecting data through self-administered questionnaire. The survey was conducted in five hotels in Pristina, where respondents through the questionnaire have expressed satisfaction with the services of the hotel. The collected data are presented through different tables, amounting to an analysis of the reliability of variables, the correlation between them and testing hypotheses through multivariate regression and contingency test. From the findings, we concluded that the tangible aspect of the hotel services, the seriousness aspect of the hotel services, the responsiveness aspect of the hotel services and the empathy aspect of the hotel services have a significant relation with customer satisfaction. But, the demographic variables did not have any significant relation with the level of customer satisfaction with services.

Finally, from the obtained results it was possible to draw conclusions and recommendations for future researchers in this area.


the customers; customer satisfaction; services; aspects of services; hotel industry


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v6i2.265

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