The Preparation and Selection of Budget Methods for Promotion in Kosovo

MSc. Halit Karaxha, MSc. Hidajet Karaxha, Dr.Sc. Arjan Abazi


Selecting the adequate method for promotion has a huge importance in increasing business’s performance. Selecting the method of the budget depends from a number of factors. The formulation of budget is known as the most critical period which requires special analysis from marketing’s managers. The expenses for promotion are usually high, and every investment made in the field of promotion directly influences in the business situation. Thus, the selection and adequate formulation of budget methods for promotion influences the growth of profit. The allocated amount for promotion depends from a number of factors, such as: the size of the firm, the sector in which it operates, competition etc. After planning the budget, we have to do the budget allocation to select the promotional form which is considered to be successful by the firms in promoting the products and services and that will help the company to connect with its clients. In this paper, I have elaborated the role and importance of the preparation and selection of budget methods for promotion in the theoretical aspect and the practical one as well.


Promotion; Preparation; Budget;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v7i1.281

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