Political Geography into Geopolitics – The Geopolitics of Decline

Dr.Sc. Bisera Mavric


This article is dealing with the reasons for usage and development of Geopolitics in Germany between the two World wars. Hitler's ideas for German expansion are viewed as influenced by German geopolitics main figures and their ideas. German geopolitics in this work is represented as an attempt of strategic, valid and consistent manner of assessing its major international geopolitical aspirations. It was not only about ensuring survival in an extremely volatile geographic location but attempted to affect its immediate neighbors as well as the alignment of nations throughout the world's regions. The practical outcomes of imperial, geostrategic, and Nazi foreign policy plans were imminent. Hitler's ideas stemed from his conception of racial struggle and the natural consequences of the need for German expansion. Germany desired a more equitable distribution of wealth and territory within the international system.

For many of the greatest empires, geography is often the destiny, and Germany at this critical and turbulent period of time was not an exception.


Germany; geopolitics; world wars; political climate; discourse.


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v7i2.321

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