Politeness Strategy in Directive Speech Acts of Tolea Pabitara on Traditional Marriage Ceremony of Tolaki-Mekongga Ethnic Group

Dr. Nur Ihsan HL., M.Hum.


This research was based on the politeness in speech acts at traditional ceremonies for Tolaki-Mekongga ethnic group as native ethnic in the mainland of Southeast Sulawesi province. In traditional wedding procession, it was known as Tolea-pabitara (spokesman), both Tolea-pabitara represented the family of the bridegroom, and Tolea pabitara represented the woman's family. The competence of politeness in speech act at the traditional procession to the continuity of interaction was crucial and was the responsibility of Tolea-pabitara. The problem in this research was how the use of directive speech acts of Tolea pabitara as politeness strategies in a traditional wedding ceremony of Tolaki-Mekongga ethnic group in Southeast Sulawesi. There were two objectives in this research. The first was to describe strategies of Tolea pabitara in using directive speech acts as a strategy of politeness in a traditional wedding ceremony of Tolaki-Mekongga ethnic that reside in mainland of Southeast Sulawesi. The second was to describe the types of directive speech acts that were used by Tolea pabitara in the traditional wedding ceremony of Tolaki-Mekongga ethnic group in Southeast Sulawesi.


pragmatics; directive speech acts; Tolea-pabitara.


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v7i2.336

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