The Victims of Road Traffic in the Territory of Kosovo and the Way of Their Compensation-Indemnity

  • MSc. Halim Kuliqi
Keywords: Victim, Compensation, Road traffic, Factors, Damages,


Taking into account the fact that in the world the road traffic accidents happen very often and go up to very large numbers, which often are also very disturbing, then there is an indispensable need to study this problem, because without identifying the problem and its causes then it can neither be fought nor prevented.

The significance of this paper lays on the presentation of some data regarding the number of accidents and their victims, the ways of compensation for the damage and the presentation of some measures in order to protect the victims of accidents from secondary victimization.

This paper fills a scientific gap for victims of accidents and their way of compensation, which until now for the case of Kosovo has been not addressed significantly in terms of theory and practice also. For the presentation and the development of this issue have been used statistical method, comparative method and among others also the case study methods.

In other words, the main purpose of this paper is to present data that expose the difficulties for the realization of the right of victims after suffering accidents and also to propose some norms that would protect the victims from secondary victimization, as victims after suffering a traffic accident may be hurt again until the realization of their demand for compensation according to the law.


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