Subjective dimensions of poverty in Albania

  • Dr.Sc. Ruzhdie Bici ILIRIA College
Keywords: Subjective, poverty, perception, dimensions, welfare,


Subjective measurement is another important aspect of poverty and wellbeing measurement method. The estimation through self assessment is another non monetary poverty that takes into consideration the monetary and non monetary aspects. The self assessment is estimated taking into consideration qualitative and quantitative measure. In this paper there are estimated three dimensions of subjective poverty, qualitative one, estimated with minimum income needed and two others expressed with categories, happiness and assessment in scale. The research aim to study and to find the best methods of the subjective measurement, as an important dimension of non monetary poverty is to analyze trend and correlation with objective poverty and to define factors that influence in the probability of feeling poor. It is supposed that this assessment is influenced by different socio-economic indicators like household characteristics, income declared, education, employment, etc. The analyses is based on data from the Living standard Measurement Survey and there are presented methods how to calculate different dimensions of subjective assessment in order to update further on with other sources.
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