Exclusions from Insurance Coverage of Motor Liability – Case of Kosovo

Dr.Sc. Rrustem Qehaja


The aim of this paper is to elaborate on exceptions from the insurance coverage of motor liability in the Kosovo legislation, which is a rather delicate matter both in law and practice, in court law and legal doctrine, both national and international. Also, another aim is to recognize the differences between the loss and exceptions to insurance coverage in motor vehicle liability in terms of third parties. For more, insurance coverage and the components of exclusion are the focus of this paper.

Knowing that the matter addressed by this paper is rather complex and wide, within the bounds of possibility, this paper will only elaborate on the legal provisions in Kosovo, in a way of facilitating the practitioners’ work, but also conveying this experience with the relevant authorities inside and outside the country, so as to initiate an adequate reflection on the legal matter.


Insurance; Motor Vehicle; Third-Party; Insurance Coverage and Exceptions;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v4i2.44

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