Creating Clusters and Competitiveness in Business: Kosovo Case

Dr.Sc. Hysni Terziu


Providing basic theoretical concepts and an explanation of creation and organisation of clusters in business, I believe that I come closer to the aim of judging about when and how to use the most suitable and necessary manners for practical application of clusters for increase of competitiveness. Presentation of basic concepts below shall cover problems which are related to various situations irrespective to the level of enterprises.

In concordance with the aims and theme, this work presents creative thinking and scientific concepts, studies, projects and programs related to the subject of competitiveness development and clustering in business. My aim at this work has been to make a theoretical-practical review of the project of competitiveness and clustering as competitive advantage in nowadays’ businesses in Kosovo, in countries of the region and in the world. Theories and concepts of promotion of clusters have up to date been based mainly on the experience of industrialised countries which may not find application in the countries in transition as Kosovo is. But, for this reason a thorough review is needed in order to determine if the levels of cooperation between enterprises in the countries in transition are sufficient in order to enable cluster development, or if a change is required in a country in transition in defining clusters, and as a result any change into the strategy of the assistance with the purpose of improvement of economic condition and the business situation in these countries, and in particular in Kosovo.

Many of the enterprises have similar problems with each other which are related to competitiveness of their products, finding markets, costs of sources, quality and standards as per market demand etc. If we say that businesses have common problems, then, it may be that there is room for them to cooperate with each other into solving similar problems through cluster creation.


New Forms of Development; Authentic Competition; Increase Awareness Amongst Kosovar Businesses; Experiences of Industrialised Countries;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v4i1.55

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