The History of Development of Land Registration and Ownership Rights in Kosovo, Legal Challenges During the Years 1912-2014

LL.M. Blerta Rudi


Knowing that the registration of ownership rights is very important institute for legal and economic system of Kosovo, for its constitutive effect in gaining of ownership rights, protection of property rights of the owner and which enables effective management of the land, in order to understand its development, is necessary to turn back to history.

Regarding to this, Kosovo is not known for an early origin and consolidated system of land registration until Twentieth Century; even afterwards, its development was influenced by many socio-economic and political factors.

The review of the historical development of land records deserves a detailed study in Kosovo due to its complexity through the years, so in order to understand more accurately the footsteps of regimes, it is necessary to examine periods until 1912, 1912-1999 and 1999 till now days, because the elaboration of normative acts that arranged registration over the years, enable the readers to create a clear overview related to advances and characteristics of each stage of its development,therefore the differences and similiarities can be noticed clearly through descriptive and comparison method.

Especially postwar period is characterized by major advances and essential changes as: Approval of Constitution and abrogation of old system. These changes contained fairly challenges, but important is that the situation normalized and is moving towards positive trends of legislative development.

Actually, in Kosovo, property rights are receiving deserved attention, but it is somewhat worrying the emphasizing lack of the review of the registration, reason that encouraged me to elaborate this topic in order to gain more knowledge about the institute of registration system and complexities that accompanies it.


Land Registration; Ownership Rights; Legislative Development; Institutional Regulation;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v4i1.63

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