Reforming of the Judicial System of Kosovo based on the Law no. 03/L-199 on Courts and its challenges

  • Dr.Sc. Azem Hajdari University of Prishtina
  • MSc. Shpresa Ibrahimi ILIRIA College
  • MSc. Albulena Hajdari ILIRIA College
Keywords: Court, Kosovo, Reform, Challenge, Law,


Law no. 03/L-199 on Courts1 represents a law of significant importance which regulates the organisation, functioning and jurisdiction of courts of the Republic of Kosovo. This law has made numerous reforms in the judicial system of the country. It has set the bases of a modern and sustainable judicial system. In fact the Law on Courts in addition to having changed the judiciary of Kosovo in the aspect of organisation, it has opened the paths in the aspect of ensuring an efficient functioning thereof. Moreover, this law has repealed the application of the Law of former SAP of Kosovo on Regular Courts which in some aspects did not correspond to the trends of contemporary developments in this field. Law on Courts in its solutions embeds the bases of an independent and impartial justice, further on being multiethnic, non-discriminatory, efficient and in principle having an advanced approach of the opportunity for the public opinion to follow the judicial activities. Consequently, within this work, the background of the development of judicial system in Kosovo shall be discussed, some aspects of its reforming and challenges currently the judicial system of the country faces.

In the course of preparation of this work, legal-historical method has been applied, the dogmatic method too, method of comparison and the method of analysis and synthesis. Through the legal-historical method, the manner of organisation and activity of the judicial system in Kosovo has been reflected covering the time of Turkish rule up to 2013 basing it on the laws and the Albanian customary law.

The dogmatic method has helped on reflecting the manner of organisation and activity of the judicial system in Kosovo, viewing it in the context of regulating these matters through the Law on Courts presently applicable.The comparative method has reflected the features of the new judicial system in Kosovo and a comparison has been undertaken to the characteristics of earlier judicial system. The method of analysis and synthesis has been applied to elaborate in detail specific articles of the Law on Courts, they were commented and in some cases concrete proposals have been given for solution, considered as advanced.


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