The Legal Position and Factual Situation of Women Participation to Inheritance in Kosovo

  • LL.M. Egzonis Hajdari
Keywords: Kosovo, Inheritance, Women, Law, Will,


The right to inheritance represents one of the basic human rights. As such this right is regulated by the law. The Law on Inheritance in Kosovo regulates substantially, all the issues related to inheritance. In this context, this Law contains numerous rules that proclaim full equality of women with men to inheritance.

Regardless of equality proclaimed by law practical reality of life indicates a different situation. This reality proves that women participation to inheritance nevertheless is very small. The reasons for this situation are numerous and diverse, but mostly they have to deal with the still existence in people's conscience of many customary rules, which constantly treated women as a subject of second hand. In this article a modest attempt is made to reflect besides legal aspect also the practical situation indicating the degree of women participation to inheritance in Kosovo, in all grades that she may appear as heir.


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