Privatisation Process in Kosovo

Dr.Sc. Hysni Terziu


This paper aims at analysing activities of the privatisation process in Kosovo, seeing that privatisation is treated as a fundamental factor of overall transformation of the whole society.

It may be established that the primary aim of privatisation process is increasing economic efficiency, reflection of the current state and directions of development in general. Privatisation as a process has as primary aim of opening new areas of freedom, economic efficiency and individualism.

Key aim of privatisation process in Kosovo must be increase of economic efficiency, preservation of the healthy economic potential created up to date, and ensuring of the long term concept, which enables growth and macroeconomic stability. The policy of privatisation should give a response related to strategic aspects of privatisation of these sectors: of models, procedures, potential investors, technological modernisation and overtaking of social barriers.

Process of privatisation and transition which has now covered countries of the Eastern and Central Europe, aims at profound economic and political transformation of these countries. To achieve this, it is necessarily required to have some basic preconditions, which are related to incitement of general efficiency of the enterprises, expansion of the capital market, introduction of competition, development of business culture in private property and freedom of entrepreneurship. Impacts of privatisation in economic development of Kosovo take a considerable place compared to other countries, therefore our aim is that through this paper we analyse factors and methods of implementation in this process.


Control and transparency; application of respective laws; ensuring efficiency; selection of the best model; incitement of economic development; professional practice; transition;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v5i1.8

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