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Leilani Bennett

Bio Statement If I tell you to name day-to-day materials that are brittle in nature, what’d the answer be?

Let me answer it for you: Plastic. Yet, this is one material we’ve made a constant part of our lives. Naturally, plastic materials are things we can’t live without.

Heat them up to a certain temperature, melt the broken pieces of plastic, and join them. That’s all one needs to do. This is a cheaper alternative than to buy a new product altogether.

The trick here is to find the best plastic welder in business. That’s where I fit in! I recommend you read some of my plastic welder reviews further down and then choose one product from the list.

If you’re a lone warrior and like to do things your way, I’ll leave you with a buying guide at the end as well. This is just to nudge your research in the right direction.

Top Rated Plastic Welders I Vouch For

There are a large variety of problems that we face when we try to weld plastic with high welding points. I often felt disappointed when welding kits that I bought for myself were rather cut down in performance.

But things changed quite a bit when I got the Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld Model Airless Plastic Welder. My problems were mostly solved and I was rather content with the purchase.

Polyvance took it to the next level with this kit. Let’s take a look into what this thing has to offer.

Firstly, I found it to be quite user-friendly and portable as it had a carrying case that allowed me to take it anywhere I wanted. No, my hands don’t feel fatigued from carrying it for a long time.

For better user experience, I could even take the temperature control out of the carrying case. This gave me the flexibility I wanted. Professional welders know the importance of constantly tracking the temperature of plastic welders.

To add to it all, it even had a belt clip attached with is. The ease of use was prioritized and that part is quite clear.

Even if you are rather new to welding, there is a detailed instruction manual to help you out so the experience doesn’t go entirely wrong for you. An instructional video will help you out just like it assisted me in my first welding experience with the kit.

High melting point plastic like nylon radiator tanks can also be dealt with ease because this thing has a ceramic core element equipped with a 200-watt capacity.

This is very much impressive and can work around problematic plastics like TEO, TPO, and Polypropylene. The FiberFlex universal rod is given with the package that can be a real lifesaver in tricky situations.

Whatever the plastic-type may be, welding satisfaction is pretty much ensured. The Polyvance 5700HT provides different types of unique welding rods to suit your needs.

These rods are meant to match the needs of every kind of automotive applications. To provide even more variety in usage, there are even two types of welding tips that can be easily swapped.

Now let’s talk about how much control this kit offers us. I found the temperature control dial to be very effective and precise. I could change the temp levels with pinpoint accuracy to achieve whatever temperatures I wanted.

Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder Heating

BeyondLife tries to keep things solid with their products. And their hot air welder heating gun is no exception. This thing is sturdy in every sense. I have been using it for quite some time and I found it to be quite durable.

Although it is very well built, it’s very compact and doesn’t feel too heavy at all. It weighs pounds to be exact.

This welder particularly utilizes hot air to weld plastic. The jets of hot air soften the precise area that needs to be joined. This welding gun proved to be very efficient for me and the inclusion of the professional filler rod makes things a lot easier.

It might not seem like it but this gun comes with a set of accessories that make the package a complete welding kit that can perform flawlessly.

Be it truck curtains, tarpaulins, swimming pool membranes, car bumpers or even vinyl flooring, this gun will do the trick and make it seem easy as pie. Every panel welder will definitely find this tool to be useful in every case.

The welding gun does not come alone, it brings an array of handy tools that make welding for anyone a lot less time consuming and easy. Firstly, you will get a 40 mm flat slit nozzle and several other types of nozzles as well including pencil tip and triangle speed nozzles as well.

I also found in the package a silicon plastic roller. A welding kit simply can’t be complete without a set of PE and PVC plastic rods.

I always prefer a manual that comes with the product. Especially the manual is always useful. Even if you are a really experienced welder you just might find something new in the product or maybe a new feature that you never knew about. Just a quick read won’t hurt and has a good chance of helping out.

The welding gun is only 3.pounds and yet it has a flow rate of 230 liters each minute. Talk about a light weighted compact super performer! This little product has satisfied me to quite some extent. Yes, I am being honest when I say I am one happy customer, and hopefully so will you be.

Go2Home 1600W Plastic Welder Kit

When you are looking for the best plastic welder for your usage you will often see that these things usually come in a kit or an entire package. Go2home has done just that and far more. It gives a robust and handy carrying case that helps to organize everything in the kit in a proper way.

Additionally, the carrying case is not too large, the compact design of the case allows you to carry your gear anywhere.

All the bells and whistles that welder guns offer often might seem meaningless if you do not have enough control over the device itself. The welding gun excels in this particular sector and allows accurate control that results in precise heat distribution.

According to the material I am working on, I could easily adjust the heat limit.

The welder gun has a range of 30 – 700 degrees. For reference, a temperature form is printed on the hot air gun as well. As for us welders, we know a grooving tool improves control and allows all over faster performance.

This gun is very much easy to use and has much more flexibility considering the other tools that are available out there.

Comfort is a crucial fact when we are dealing with welding tools. If you don’t feel assured enough with the device that you are using it will certainly have an impact on your craft. I was personally very happy to grab hold of this gun as it vibrated a lot less than the previous welding gun that I had.

There is a well-functioning heat protection system in this device to keep your hands safe. An electronic heating protection system and a hot protection tube can ensure both safety and a long duration of usage.

This hot plastic welding gun is widely used for melting plastic-like PVC flex banners, tarpaulins, TPO materials and so on. Corner welding and plastic floors can be worked with as well.

I found a bunch of other stuff in the package as well, and all of them were meant to help me out in my welding work. A wide range of nozzles came with it alongside a pressure silicon nozzle. They even put in a few plastic rods that will prove rather handy.