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Taliyah Sullivan

Bio Statement Pro software and machined with a small ballnose bit.

The project can easily be customized as a Christmas themed item (i.e., paint or stain with holiday colors), if desired. It can be assembled using wood screws to enable disassembly for storage, or glued together as a permanent structure, as you wish.

The first new tool is the AxiDraw CLI,  a command-line API to drive the AxiDraw outside of Inkscape. Like the Inkscape-based software, its primary function is to plot SVG files. However, it is a stand-alone utility that can be driven from within shell scripts and other environments that make use of shell commands.

The Python API

The second new tool is the AxiDraw Python API. The AxiDraw CLI is written within Python, and we have both exposed and expanded upon that nucleus to create a flexible and powerful Python module, complete with its own comprehensive documentation.

Just like the CLI, the Python API can plot SVG documents; it can both read SVG files and accept strings containing SVG data.

It also has features that are not available within Inkscape or the CLI: It supports direct interactive XY control. You can use absolute or relative moveto/lineto type commands to control the AxiDraw from within your own programs. This is particularly useful for a wide variety of potential AxiDraw applications that are not writing or drawing, but otherwise making use of the AxiDraw as a low-cost motion control platform.

Holiday signs from Don

The magic key sign is Don's take on Rebecca's Magic Key project.  If you have not seen it yet her post on the Vectric Labs blog is a great read and very helpful if you would like to make your own.

Weather Station

A weather station is an old-school way of predicting your local weather. They need no batteries, make great use of scrap lumber that is too good to throw away and are lovely gifts to top it off. We used a CNC router to shape the piece, but you can do it old-school if you prefer.

Domino Set

A CNC machine makes it fast and easy to make a set of dominos. The dots and lines are carved with a v-bit and the individual tiles are cut apart with a 1/4″ dia. straight bit. We used 1/4″ thick x 5″ wide x 24″ long pieces of hardwood to make each set.

Descargue archivos DFX CNC para su cortadora láser

Time is an illusion, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make sense of it. - While the concept of a clock is relatively simple, telling time doesn’t need to be boring. Just combine creativity with some maker skills and you too can build one-of-a-kind DIY timepieces. These inspiring laser cutter projects will turn you into a horologist in no time.

Mid-Century Modern Moth Clock

Chicago-based artist Sarah Mimo brings a unique eye to her clock creations. Her background as a freelance designer at a textile company coupled with inspiration from the ornate beauty of Europe’s public clocks results in an layered visual approach to clock making that is truly original. Find this (and more!) in her Etsy shop.

Honeycomb Clock

When it comes to style, this honeycomb clock is oh-so sweet. Etsy seller Woodinky found inspiration in the Voronoi diagram combined with parametric design theory to create a time keeper that you don’t have to be a mathematician to love.