Western Balkan Countries and European Neo-regionalisation Case study: CEFTA and its impact on Kosovar economy: 2007-2013

  • MSc. Bardhok Bashota
Keywords: Regionalisation, neo-regionalisation, CEFTA, supra-nationalism, integration processes, bilateral agreements, intensification of regional cooperation.


Selection of “the problem” of neo-regionalisation for study directly deals with its importance as a determining factor of many developments in the arena of international relations. Its importance appears especially when it is manifested as a theoretical approach, as an analytical category and as a new practice of economic and political organisation in the regional level and in the same way in the international aspect as well.

Although studiers concede that the world is going towards larger units of integration in global level, however, regionalisation (neo- regionalisation) is becoming a new identity for people in the 21st century. This is valid especially for the European societies and states aiming to be part of the supranational structures of the European Union.

In relation to this, the study below is focused on new integrating practices in Europe, which is known as “Neo-regionalism” in order to see how this new practice is influencing in intensifying the regional cooperation. To make the study even more concrete, a concentration in case study has been made in regional cooperation within CEFTA with a particular focus in its implications towards Kosovo and vice versa. The theses will also be discussed whether Kosovo has benefited or lost from this cooperation to review the possibilities of continuing further cooperation or to quit it.

Undoubtedly, the establishments presented above may be used for reaching a concrete conclusion for the results of this cooperation, what is going to serve as a platform for drawing some recommendations for further coordination of actions for cooperation in the regional plan.



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