Security Sector Reform in Kosovo: From institutional transitions to the democratic consolidation

  • Dr.Sc. Bekim Baliqi
Keywords: security sector reform, demilitarization, demobilization, reintegration, Nations, rule of law, Kosovo,


This article explores the relationship between Security Sector Reform (SSR) and institutional transition in post-conflict countries, drawing on a case study of Kosovo. The study focuses on the institution-building of core security institutions and the role of international community in Sector Security Reform in Kosovo, reviewing the ways in which security, the rule of law and political context have been intertwined. The article first outlines the context of the international mission in Kosovo, in particular transformation of Kosovo Liberation Army through Demilitarization, Demobilization and Reintegration before proceeding to consider how the objectives, needs and constraints of international and local actors have influenced the reform of the security institutions and the security in general. Then, article explores the establishment of Kosovo Police Service and the reform process of this and other relevant security institution. In the first line, article will discusses concepts of SSR and overview an overall process of democratic transition with a main focus on security sector. After the presentation of a brief development of the SSR in Kosovo since the end of war with focus on the role of international community, article will be completed by the main findings and conclusions of this research


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