The role of NATO in the demilitarization of Kosovo Liberation Army and in establishment of Kosovo Protection Corps and Kosovo Security Force

  • Dr.Sc. Bejtush Gashi
  • Dr.Sc. Dario Molnar
Keywords: Demilitarization, demobilization, KLA, KPC, Kosovo Constitution, 1244 Resolution, Rambouillet Agreement, NATO, KFOR,


Kosovo Liberation Army was demilitarized and demobilized pursuant to Rambouillet accord articles and 1244 Resolution, under the control of military component of the international administration in Kosovo – Kosovo Forces (NATO). Establishment of Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) followed this process, with the civil emergency organizational mission, which operated until the adoption of constitution of Republic of Kosovo, promulgated on June 15, 2008. The constitution foresaw KPC disbandment and creation of a new security formation in Kosovo – Kosovo Security Forces (KSF). The decree of USA president, Xhorxh W. Bush, dated 19.03.2008 indicates the political importance of KSF creation in promotion of Kosovo’s independence.

The Security Sector reform will keep its special focus in periodical review programming of KSF positional development in adaptation to new situation in security environment, reflecting concrete examples through new events, missions, tasks and roles for KSF units, always compliant with the concrete needs of the country and with the Euro-Atlantic collective protection structure standards. 


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