Quality function and the quality manager

Dr.Sc. Miraç Hani


In many organizations, management systems are viewed in terms of the internal dynamics between marketing, design, production, distribution, and accounting. A change is required from this to a larger system which also encompasses and integrates the business interests of customers and   suppliers. Management needs to develop an in-depth understanding of these relationships and how they may be used to cement the partnership concept. The quality function should be the organization’s focal point in this respect and should be equipped to gauge internal and external customers, expectations and degree of satisfaction. It should also identify quality deficiencies in all business functions and promote improvements.

The role of the quality function is to make quality become an inseparable aspect of every employee’s performance and responsibility. The transition in many companies from quality departments with line functions will require careful planning, direction and monitoring. Quality professionals have developed numerous techniques and skills focused on product or service quality.


responsibility for quality; satisfaction of consumer needs; capability; quality function;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v2i2.152

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