Internationalization of businesses and selection of entry modes in other markets

Keywords: Foreign market, factors, motives, mode of entry,


The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors of foreign companies that have already entered Macedonia in any mode of entry by finding out the factors and motives that influenced their decision making while choosing the proper mode for that particular market. 

As a research methodology for collecting initial data, a structured questionnaire is used with 28 variables as factors which influence decision making of the modes of entry into the foreign market. A statistical software was used in order to evaluate the variables used in the study.  The raised hypothesis were tested using One Sample T-test. According to the obtained results, the variables political stability and the law on foreign investments seem to be as more important factors for companies that operate in Macedonia. Finally, companies need to analyze the internal and external factors from the environment in order to able to create strategies to operate in the domestic and international markets.


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