The Difficult Relationship between the Kosovo Political Parties and Conservatism

  • Dr. Sc. Dritero Arifi ILIRIA College
  • Dr. Sc. Shpendim Oxha
Keywords: Kosovo, political parties, pragmatic conservatism, tradition, program policy,


The presentation of various party / program stances in the Kosovo political scene, tells us about the parties’ level of orientation in favour or against conservatism. Therefore, the aim of this article is to analyze and discuss the empirical validity, respectively the relations of Kosovo political parties with the pragmatic conservatism. In what areas, Kosovo parties have similarities or differences with pragmatic conservatism, such as Religion, patriotism and property.

In order to find an answer for this research article, different qualitative methods will be used, such as comparative, content and document analysis, as well as interviews. All this with the sole of collecting and analyzing the data found.

The findings of this article are very significant because, based on substantive analysis and party documents, we can conclude that the attitudes or approaches of Kosovo political parties regarding pragmatic conservatism are only "Partially pragmatic conservative” or "Beyond - Pragmatic Conservator". This means that the parties take the ideology of conservatism into account only partially or only within the program points that suits them.

In this regard, the importance of this research has to do with the facts and with a realistic situation to understand the complexity, the issue and the importance of pragmatic conservatism as well as the idea of social transformation by curbing destructive tendencies. In this context, the stances of Kosovo political parties go beyond party ideology, because they include social transformations, religion, tradition and nation / patriotism. So in this way, through such attitudes, political parties convey / transmit into the society of Kosovo a social awareness and inter-religious tolerance.


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