European Politics and Diplomacy before the World War One 1908 – 1914

  • MA. Mirlind Shala ILIRIA College
Keywords: Europe, Germany, Britain, France, Serbia,


Following the failure of the alliance with Germany, Great Britain was dissatisfied. The British politics having a long experience in international affairs; as the most experienced country in politics, reported and accounted that the further strengthening of Germany and consequently of the Central Europe was to the detriment of British interests. For this very reason it showed signs of getting close to France and Russia in 1904. While in the world it started to get close to Japan. As though unnoticed, to the rest part of the world, not to Great Britain, an international alliance was being formed in order to neutralize the Central Block. In this paper I tried to offer and present a scientific argument and by using the advanced, research and comparison methods as well as the deductive method, to divide the article into chronological, historical and research manner.


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