What’s Wrong To Kosova’s Peacebulding?

  • Dr.Sc. Samet Dalipi ILIRIA College
Keywords: Kosova, Serbia, Peace building, EU ambiguity, Constructive Ambiguity, UN SC Resolution 1244,


Two decades since the war ended in Kosova, difficulties, especially those of a political nature, worsened. The combination of local and international efforts have catalyzed and facilitated achieving the rule of law and interethnic reliability within the state of Kosovo, but not reconciliation. There are still to truths, an Albanian and a Serbian. Few of war criminals for Kosova’s crimes were sentenced. Hate speeches are again between. It appears that peace building is not as easily conceivable as initially thought, considering the lack of agreement between internal and international actors on the creation of a new state of Kosova. This article attempts to answer to what extent Kosovo’s peace building has been influenced by international ambiguity and wrongful decisions made by the Kosova’s institutions, highlighting the obstructive politics and agents such as political and socio-economic, interrupting inter-ethnic reconciliatory treatment toward sustainable peace in the Balkan region.


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