The Performance of establishing and developing new businesses in the Republic of Kosova 2017-2019

  • MA. Getoar Lubeniqi ILIRIA College
Keywords: The Republic of Kosova, The International Interim Administration in Kosova, Businesses, Business Registration, Kosova’s Economy,


Given the fact that post-war Kosova was in a serious socio-economic situation, immediate recovery of the contry was needed. Kosova's post-war business challenges were enormous, Kosova's economy comprised a new and open economy driven by a centralized and regulated economy. So far, Kosova has made progress in business creation and development, but the challenges and problems remain significant. The International Interim Administration in Kosova established after 1999, which operated until 2003, enabled the temporary registration of businesses. After 2003 the business registration became a positive trend, where the temporary registration of businesses became permanent registration of businesses.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the establishment and development of new businesses, the establishment of new women-owned business structures in Kosova, analyze and identify the most preferred economic investment activities of these registered businesses. To achieve this purpose of comparative analysis and identification, the integrative review method is used.


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