The impact of Oil Prices on the International Economic Arena: The Economic Factors and International Players

MA. Arben Salihu


Throughout history the new technologies and discoveries revolutionized the way we live. The discovery, the oil, has been critical for society, becoming the world’s most profitable and essential industry transforming itself from domestic to international business. The aim of this paper, above all is to analyze the role of oil and its price volatility in world economy. The ongoing changes and transformations in world oil industry tend to have a great effect not only on the oilimporting countries but also on oil-exporting nations. The demand or supply-triggered oil price volatility differ in its effects to world economic activity. Although it may have different effect for the oil importing nations in comparison to oil exporting nations, still inflationary pressure may be a common feature. A number of points relevant to the study are put forward highlighting pros and cons of issues discussed. The paper also elaborates the environmental concerns, deriving from the increase of oil consumption and the necessity (globally) to increase efforts in finding a decent,(environmentally friendly) replacement for oil.



Oil; Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; OPEC; Saudi Arabia;


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v4i1.52

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