International police cooperation in investigating cases of smuggling of migrants in Kosovo

Dr. sc. Rrahman Sylejmani, PhD C. Elda Maloku


Migrant smuggling today has taken on the dimensions of the global phenomenon by being present almost in all countries and continents, regardless of whether they are countries of their origin, transit or a destination. Nevertheless, the presence of this form of crime is also present in Kosovo, hence this is the object of this paper. In this paper, the international police co-operation in the migrant smuggling investigation cases in Kosovo is concretely considered as a multidimensional and complex problem. However, the challenges, and problems that Kosovo faces in the realization of the international police cooperation is also examined, given the fact that it is the not yet part of some international regional and global mechanisms dealing with the prevention and combating of organized crime. Treating migrant smuggling cases from a scientific point of the view requires more in-depth study and an elaboration of the literature that exists nowadays on this issue. Thus, through this paper is presented the assessment and the analysis of 31 investigated cases of the migrant smuggling from the Kosovo police for the time period 2011-2015 with the emphasis on the manner of the realization of the international police cooperation during the investigation of these cases. At the very end of this paper, based on the findings of the research, and the analysis performed, recommendations are issued, the implementation of which in the practice would increase the efficiency of the police in detecting, and combating migrant smuggling in Kosovo


The international police cooperation, the migrant smuggling, Interpol, Europol, Selec, joint investigation teams, the mutual legal assistance


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v10i2.587

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