Public Diplomacy of small states: case of Kosovo

MA. Genc Mekaj


paper aims to elaborate and analyse the public diplomacy of small states, the case of Kosovo. Today in the era of globalization and in a world with some powerful states the development of foreign policy and diplomacy is very important and difficult especially for small countries. Small countries with limited capacities should see the need to focus foreign policy and diplomacy in areas as specific and interest as possible. Public diplomacy is an effective tool that small states should use to benefit and promote their interests. The purpose of this paper is to provide information and guidance to the drafters and promoters of public diplomacy of small states with emphasis on the state of Kosovo. Goals and profits can be achieved by specifying areas where public diplomacy can be conducted, especially in Kosovo through cultural and sports diplomacy. The methodology used during the paper is based on the analysis of various materials and resources related to public diplomacy, which through discretionary, analytical, historical and observational methods we have tried to discuss the importance of public diplomacy of small countries, case of Kosovo. In order to have a clearer and more concrete result, we have elaborated on the case of Kosovo and its public diplomacy. Based on this study as a conclusion we can say that Kosovo still needs to focus on public diplomacy and its promotion especially in the areas of cultural and sports diplomacy


Public diplomacy, Kosovo, small states, image


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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v10i2.593

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