Application of methodology KAIZEN in Macedonian insurance company

  • Dr. sc. Elizabeta , Mitreva ILIRIA College
  • Msc. Goran Stojanovski
Keywords: quality methods and techniques, business pro-cesses, insurance market, satisfaction of customers


This scientific work presents the application of the KAIZEN methodology and quality methods and techniques for improving the quality of sales processes. In order to achieve the planned goals, it was applied to a Macedonian insurance company. The methods will help in the condition of continuous improvement and screening insurance company, for improved sales networks. In this research were used primary data obtained from sources using the observation method. Secondary data were used from public sources published to state agencies and internal reports of the insurance company. With the help of these reports, an analysis was made of the company's achievements and the trend and the situation on the insurance market in R.N. Macedonia. The analyses provided useful information for the insurance company in the direction of proper decision making, creating better pricing strategies, and ensuring a more secure placement of new insurance products. The results of the research with the applied methodology are widely used not only in the insurance market but also in all other industries


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