The Measurement, Evaluation, and Performance of Managers and Employees in Kosovo’s Enterprises

  • Dr.Sc. Berim Ramosaj University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina"
  • MSc. Hidajet Karaxha
  • MSc. Halit Karaxha
Keywords: the system of performance’s management, the steps of managing the performance, the methods of evaluating the performance, measuring workers’ performance,


In the market economy and in terms of an increasing competition, enterprises try to use as effectively as possible all of their sources. Therefore, in such competitive environment, in order to develop the organization, it is necessary to manage human resources with various methods and techniques. Human resources that are motivated and well selected are considered as a competitive advantage for the enterprise. Training the managerial staff and employees helps in increasing business’s performance. A strategic and integrated approach to provide stable success for the enterprise is the improvement of performance for the people that work there by developing the practical and individual skills of the team. One of the elements that has been tried to be treated in this paper is the management of performance, the management of performance systems, the methods of evaluating the performance and the importance of measuring workers performance for the enterprise. This paper contains empirical data, collected through questionnaires and interviews, and also secondary data based on the existing literature about issues that have to do with the management of performance.

Therefore, through this research we intend to analyze the measurement and evaluation of managers and workers’ performance in Kosovo enterprises by using comparative reviews. In order to be clear, we have first compiled a questionnaire which will help us in developing the contact. The implementation of the questionnaire, the methodology and the formation of the sample is realized by analyzing the determining factors that affect the measurement and evaluation of managers and workers performance. The research was realized with owners, managers and workers of enterprises in Kosovo. The sample is intentional (not probable). Having very little literature in this field, we hope to have helped at least a bit for everyone interested in this field. 


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