Digital Marketing Insights and Opportunities in Kosovo

  • MBA. Besfort Ahmeti University of Prizren "Ukshin Hoti"
Keywords: Marketing, digital, opportunities, Kosovo,


In recent decades, we have witnessed an ever increasing concentration of companies towards the consumer. This has come as a result of various factors, of which an important one has been the digital revolution, which has empowered consumers by giving them access to information and access to one another on a global scale. In an attempt by companies to adapt to this customer empowerment in order to achieve a greater profitability by better serving customers, digital marketing was born. Digital marketing includes various methods of achieving marketing goals by using digital tools, including: search marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, etc. While digital marketing has proven to be very successful in developed countries around the world, in Kosovo it does not have a significant presence. Either way, the development opportunities of this field in Kosovo are plenty. In Kosovo, the percentage of internet users is quite large. This means that there is an almost unexploited market online. The main reasons why digital marketing can succeed in Kosovo are: low cost compared to traditional marketing (TV, radio, billboard, etc.), a positive attitude of businesses towards digitalization, a large number of potential customers, and an emphasized need for professionals in this field.


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