Improving Decision Making with Information Systems Technology – A theoretical approach

  • Dr.Sc. Mihane Berisha- Namani University of Prishtina
  • Mr.Sc. Albana Qehaja
Keywords: decision making, information systems, types of information systems,


Traditionally, information systems were used to support operational functions and to reduce costs by automating many of business operations. As business has become more aware of the importance of information systems, the role of information systems has changed. From its conventional function of supporting business operations, today information systems are used to reduce business risks and to ensure that correct information is made available, so managers can make better decisions. The purpose of this paper is to give an understanding how businesses are using information systems to achieve their goals. It specifically addresses more closely the impact that information systems have in improving the decision making. Althought limited this paper sets out to explore the importance of information systems in decision making and concludes that more attention should be paid to information systems usage for decision making purposes. Finally, suggestions for further research are made.


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